? Fatima Ford - Kinesiology Practitioner - Treatment
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many kinesiology sessions will I need?

A. Most people find that their issue can be resolved in three to six sessions. This may depend on how long the person has had the issue and on their compliance with the changes that may need to be made to their diet and life style. 


Q. How often should I come for treatments?

A. Most people have an appointment once a month and in some severe cases they may need a treatment every two weeks. 

Once balance is achieved I recommend a treatment every 6-8 weeks to maintain the results. 


Q. Do I have to take the nutrition recommended?

A. Nutrition makes up 25% of the treatment. You will be  given the contact details of the nutritional stockists and the nutrition which showed as beneficial for you through the muscle testing. On ordering, it is then sent out to you the next day. Nutrition significantly aids the body's recovery and only the highest quality products are used. Cost of nutrition is not included in the session fee.


Q. How will I feel after a treatment?

A. Because kinesiology works on an energetical and emotional level, the vast majority of clients feel relaxed and soothed after a session and want to rest! It's normal to feel quite tired - our bodies are often in a state of almost permanent stress and after a treatment where they are allowed to relax, they send out strong messages to try to enable the changes to continue to take place.


Q. Do I have to be fit and strong to have a treatment?

A. Not in the slightest! Young children through to octogenarians have found kinesiology treatments effortless; the pressure put on the muscles is very slight and if flexibility for certain positions is an issue, there are ways around this too.

Popes Hall, Sandway, Kent, ME17 2BH
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