? Fatima Ford - Kinesiology Practitioner - Treatment

On the first consultation I go through a lifestyle questionnaire. Then the client will lie fully clothed on the couch and I use muscle testing to detect any imbalances, emotions or test for nutrition or food intolerance. I then balance the body by massaging some points and holding others and brushing the meridians.

I like to use Kinesiology as a preventative therapy, however it can also be used to work with some health issues that can't be resolved medically.

Results can be noticed in the first session. Considerable change will be noticed after 3-6 sessions depending on the case. I also recommend regular balancing every 8 weeks to maintain the results achieved.

Most people would benefit from a kinesiology treatment from babies/young children (two adults will be needed one as a surrogate and one to entertain the young person), teenagers, adults and incapacitated people (Treatment is done by using able-bodied surrogate).

Kinesiology is not intended to replace other medical advice,It is complementary to it . Please continue to communicate with your GP or specialist and keep them informed of any developments. 

Treatment Fees

Initial session (approx. 2 hours ) £180.00
Follow up session (approx. one hour)  £150.00

Please Note: 

All relevant nutrition is charged separately.

Cancellation within 24 hours will incur a 50% charge.

Get in Touch

E: fatimaford@btinternet.com

T: 01622 858249

M: 07712 650048

Popes Hall, Sandway, Kent, ME17 2BH
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