Elite Health is the pinnacle of wellness where age dose not dictate ability.

Elite Health is about achieving Optima metabolic function, the stage in which all body systems are performing efficiently, which gives you the energy to see more, do more, and be more, no matter what stage of life you are in.

STEP 1- The beginning of Elite Health - Resetting your Microbiome. The PURIFY KIT contains a program of clinically formulated nutrition, allowing to to Purify and Reset your Microbiome. Contact for more details

STEP 2 - Fortify and protect  (ProArgi9+ Phytolife, Mistify, SLMsmart, e9) Whether you are looking for products that support core nutrition, cardiovascular health, weight management, or fitness these staple Synergy products can help you achieve your goals.Contact me for more details. 

Visit: microbiomewithsynergy.co.uk 

Lilly And Loaf for all your nutritional needs

Lily and Loaf

  • Natures's Sunshine products
  • Healthy Rascals"" for Children
  • Nutri Pet - for natural supplements for Pets
  • Essential Oils
  • Natural Skin Care

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