? Fatima Ford Kinesiology - Testimonials

I have just completed my foundation training with Fatima. I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey of developing my skills and furthering my knowledge. Fatima was kind and patient while helping me learn kinesiology. I have really enjoyed the course. 

Thank you so much 


My first visit to see Fatima was 2 years ago and wow within the first visit a nagging shoulder pain of many years (trips to the osteopath were unsuccessful) had gone due to digestive issues.

Last year after two very nasty accidents I developed, what the medical profession called eczema and at the age of 76 had never had anything like this in my life and no matter which private specialist I saw the only answer was steroids!! 

Sadly Fatima was out of the county and I was unable to see her until well into this year. Now 3 months down the line and a strict regime of the wonderful Nature Sunshine products and removal of the offending Quinoa & flaxseed I am well on the road to recovery, I still have a way to go but Fatima has saved my life without a doubt and It is always like going to see a dear friend and I always look forward to my visits which are in the most peaceful of settings and unhurried.

What Fatima has done for me I would like to be able to help others also and hope to study Kinesiology myself.

Tessa Carman

I first went to see Fatima because i was always tired, completely lacked energy and my periods were all over the place. After one month of treatment and changing my diet to suit my blood group and avoiding certain foods, I felt like a new person, my cycle was back to normal and I lost one and a half stone too! I still have some energy to find yet and I can't wait...


On my first visit to Fatima, I felt sceptical, nervous, and emotional due to my PMT symptoms. After my first treatment I felt calm, relaxed and composed. I always look froward to my sessions with Fatima as I know how much better I will feel. Kinesiology has changed my life and after a few sessions, I decided to study Kinesiology with Fatima and now I am a practitioner.

Rachel Dunlop

From the moment I stepped into her office, it was evident that Fatima is not only passionate about her work but also deeply committed to the wellbeing of her clients.Her expertise in Kinesiology was evident as she skilfully identified and worked on areas of tension and imbalance in my body.

What truly sets fatima apart is her genuine care for her clients. her thoroughness and attention to details were immediately apparent throughout our session. She provided guidance and support, creating a safe and nurturing environment.

In conclusion, I can't recommend Fatima highly enough. Combined with her compassionate approach, makes her an exceptional Kinesiologyist. If you are seeking a holistic approach to healing, look no further than Fatima 

Tanya Fordsham


Popes Hall, Sandway, Kent, ME17 2BH
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