Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How is the training structured?

A. The classes combine lectures with practical workshops, and are based on the balanced health textbook to give the student a sound, practical approach to authentic Systematic Kinesiology.

Q. I understand that there are 6 levels in total, what will I learn at each level?

A. The complete Foundation Course is made up of 6 exciting modules over a 12 day period and is ideal for everyone - from the lay person who would like to learn simple yet powerful techniques to improve their own health - to practitioners working in other areas of healthcare who would like to enhance existing skills. Many students have also gone on to complete the Practitioner’s Course in order to become fully qualified Kinesiologists themselves. Please click here for Course Information and to find out what is learnt at each level.

Q. How many people will be on the course?

A. Classes are kept small and held in a relaxed environment.

Q. How much knowledge do I need to book on a course?

A. No prior knowledge or experience in healthcare is necessary and every effort is made to ensure that plenty of time is allocated for questions and hands on practice of each technique.

Q. What support is available?

A. Student membership of The Association of Systematic Kinesiology is strongly recommended for all, and is essential if you are planning to become a practitioner. The current yearly fee of £50 offers many benefits including a helpline for support and queries, regular news letters, discounted insurance and a certificate on completion of the Foundation Course. Information and enrolment forms will be available on level 1.

Q. How can I complete the course within a limited space of time?

A. For those students who need to complete the Foundation Course (1 – 6) quickly to enrol on the Professional Practitioners Course or have limited time or travel restrictions, an intensive 8 day course is available over a 2 to 3 week period. This course is tailored to the student and has a maximum of 2 places at a cost of £2400 per student.

Please call to discuss dates for the 8 day intensive training course.  

Q. Can I find out more about your courses before I sign up?

A. Yes, I offer regular taster sessions for anyone who is curious about my Foundation Courses but not quite ready to commit … These informal taster sessions are fun and relaxed and will give you a good overview of the principles and techniques that you will learn on levels 1 – 6. You will get a chance to meet myself and other like minded people who are ready to find out more about Kinesiology.

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