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Training - Course Dates and Fees

On this two day course you will learn:

  • About the digestive system and how to support it
  • What the ICV/Houston is and how it functions
  • How to locate the ICV/Houston
  • How to muscle test for an open/closed ICV/Houston
  • What foods strengthen/weaken a closed ICV/an open ICV/Houston
  • How to support a malfunctioning ICV using nutrition, Bach flower remedies and the body’s meridian energy.
  • A comprehensive routine of Kinesiology techniques to strengthen the whole digestive system and a malfunctioning ICV/Houston

And much more...


Completion of Foundation Course level 1-6

2020 Course Dates:

May Wednesday 14 & Thursday 14th 2020
Please contact me to reserve your place on the course


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