? Fatima Ford Kinesiology - Kinesiology Practitioner and Trainer
Fatima Ford T.A.S.K Dip A.S.K 

Welcome to my website where you can find out more information about Kinesiology, Training courses and treatments.

Kinesiology is a truly gentle and holistic approach to good health. 

Systematic Kinesiology is based on the principle that muscles, organs and glands are connected by a network of energetic channels that are often referred to as meridians.

The pathways of the meridians can become blocked or imbalanced (the wires get crossed as it were) due to emotional or physical stress.  

Muscle testing can be used as a tool to identify these blockages.Kinesiology helps to uncover the root of health issues by looking at physical, nutritional, emotional and energetical imbalances. A wide range of powerful techniques, acupressure massage and nutritional recommendations help guide you back to optimum health.

The theory of muscle testing was first developed by an orthopaedic surgeon, R.W.Lovett, who was working with polio victims in the 1930’s. It was further refined by a chiropractor, Dr. George Goodheart, in the 1960’s who added techniques from both Eastern and Western medicine. Brian Buttler brought Systematic Kinesiology to the UK.

Get In Touch

Fatima Ford
Popes Hall
ME17 2BH

E: fatimaford@btinternet.com
T: 01622 858249
M: 07712 650048

Fee Structure

Initial session and treatment: £180.00 (up to 2 hours)

Subsequent treatments: £150.00 (one hour)

Please Note: 

All relevant nutrition is charged separately.

Cancellation within 24 hours will incur a 50% charge.

Popes Hall, Sandway, Kent, ME17 2BH
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